Regarding the after tenancy cleaning, you have 2 options: DIY or hire a professional cleaning company. But no matter what you decide, the final result must be a precisely cleaned property, ready to welcome the new tenants. Unless you leave the place sparkling clean, you risk a deposit deduction.

Are you ready for a DIY solution?

If you want to end of tenancy cleaning yourself, then be ready! From wiping all areas to scrubbing kitchen appliances, furniture, floorings, and every little spot, this may last forever. If you’re really facing it, elbow grease will be with you along the way.

1. Spend some quality time cleaning.

In the beginning, give yourself some time for preparation and execution of the end of tenancy cleaning. Don’t turn it into a last-minute task, because you might easily lose your deposit, and you certainly need the money. This job is worth doing, or you’re risking the simple move out to turn into a living nightmare.

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2. Ask your landlord for a checklist

Before starting, contact your landlord or property agent, and ask for the final move-out cleaning inspection checklist. This can be your guide. Better calculate your cleaning work in advance and get to know the high-traffic areas you have to emphasize.

3. Make a tenancy cleaning plan

Along with the tenancy cleaning service checklist comes a logical and detailed plan. You must pay attention to the hidden spots and try to follow the steps as strictly as possible. Undoubtedly, they’re trouble, so give them more time. Which rooms do you use the most? Clean them at the end. All these minor details are super important.

4. Find the right cleaning tools

End of tenancy cleaning is very different from regular domestic cleaning. For a nice deep cleaning and sanitizing of every surface, baking soda, dish soap, or simple detergents aren’t enough. At least a powerful vacuum cleaner is a must-have, so think of renting professional equipment if necessary.

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5. Special places

You may not know, but taking care of them now is better, instead of doing it when you are leaving. Your rented home is full of special areas to accumulate dirt, grow bacteria, and pollute the environment, which is unsettling. Throughout your stay there, best practices are to pay attention to those buildups, as they can be a serious threat to your health.

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6. Don’t forget the kitchen appliances

As appliances are an expensive part of the rented property, you need to make sure they’re looking fine and working properly. Clean them to their best ability! When it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning, all matters, and everything is equally essential. The same goes for the washing machine, dishwasher, and fridge.

7. Clean the windows

Don’t ever underestimate complete window cleaning to reward yourself with a 100 % shining house! The windows are literally the face of the property, and make the first impression of the general hygiene of our property. Imagine walking into a room with muddy windows, you will definitely get the idea that this place is not clean. The landlord will have the same thought, so don’t give them the opportunity to deduct money from your security deposit. Pay attention to the windows, especially inside, you can clean them with vinegar or alcohol to get the best results.

8. Take care of the damages

Take care of this yourself and dive into the depth of the tenant’s repair responsibilities. However, you might not be able to manage them all. So, if you find any damage on the walls, furniture, or flooring – you’d better call a professional to fix them properly. It will cost you some time and money, but if you leave it and the property manager spots it during the final inspection, you’ll be sure to receive a bill for a big amount.

In summary

Now that you know all 8 useful tips, you’ll easily put them into practice. When you finally get the job done, you’ll be ready to move out peacefully and enjoy the new place! The end of tenancy cleaning is a serious business, so think twice before you even start it.

However, if you feel somehow uncertain you have the time and energy to complete the task properly, save yourself the nerves, and book a professional cleaning service. Once and for all, it’s a guarantee the results will impress your landlord and win you your security deposit back! Plus you can count on the team to be experienced in all cleaning services and will offer high-quality and professional equipment.

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