Once you decide to move out, you must make all the arrangements to get your deposit back in full. But how to tackle the cleaning requirement in your contract sufficiently well? Is your landlord going to perceive this as a sufficient contract fulfillment? Will you be able to bring your flat to the pristine condition it was the first time you saw it?

Probably, this time, giving a regular cleaning to your place as usual won’t do the job. Nor will calling the cleaning service you have been sometimes using, if we have to be honest. A professional end of tenancy cleaning can’t be replaced with regular domestic cleaning. This is a specialized cleaning service only some professional cleaning companies provide. We at Cleandy have been successfully delivering the service on the London market for eight years already.

How Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning Different

Specialized end of tenancy cleaning is a type of deep cleaning performed in your property after you move out. It goes beyond regular maintenance cleaning in that it covers cleaning aspects which are usually skipped in your everyday cleaning.

In order to ensure complete satisfaction of your landlord requirements, we provide the service according to an agency-approved check-list. Thus, we are able to guarantee that the service will help you get a full deposit refund. Of course, this holds good provided you have fulfilled your other contractual obligations.

Can Domestic Cleaning Replace End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

The answer is a “no”. Domestic cleaning is a regular cleaning service tailored to suit your everyday needs. Although it may be offered as a deep cleaning surface, it does not presuppose oven cleaning, or cleaning the interiors of all cupboards and kitchen appliances.

With regular domestic cleaning you do get all your house thoroughly vacuumed, mopped, and polished as well as bathroom cleaned. Thus, the service is suitable for your spring cleaning, as a one-off service after occasions or as a regular service. Nevertheless, in this type of cleaning we are able to use the cleaning products you have at your disposal.

Also, we customize the service to your individual needs and preferences. Both of these are not possible during end of tenancy cleaning.

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What Are The Benefits Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning

The ultimate benefit of your end of tenancy cleaning is that it will support you in your successful rental exit. However, it will also help you separate well with your homeowner and prepare the flat to the new tenants.

There are some extras in the end of tenancy service that you will not get in the domestic service when you book with Cleandy. These include:

  • Get a free oven cleaning – during our end of tenancy cleaning you will get a deep oven cleaning included the service. This involves overall oven dismantling, disinfection and polish which you do not normally get in domestic cleaning unless booking separately.
  • Free inside and outside cleaning of all other kitchen appliances – now, when all of your luggage is moved out, we will be able to clean the interiors of each and every of your cupboards and appliances.
  • Limestone removal – we will make sure all your bathroom and toilets are brought to a pristine condition to welcome new visitors.
  • 7-day cleaning guarantee – with our service you will be able to enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee up to 7 days after the service. This is a rare extra for the local London market.

Finally, when booking end of tenancy cleaning with Cleandy, you will be able to take advantage of our local London experience. Helping tenants and landlords in moving in/out for eight years already has made us familiar with your real needs. Also, to ensure your overall satisfaction, we partner London’s letting agencies which help us in service design and quality control.

In sum, for full details about the specifics of our domestic and end of tenancy cleaning, please see our Terms & Conditions. If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss, call us today.

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