End-of-tenancy cleaning services can be budget-friendly, but sometimes companies have hidden fees or fine print conditions, and customers need to be careful. When there’s at stake the deposit needed for ending a tenancy lease, it’s only natural that you are worried about investing in professional cleaning.

And yet, that’s the best investment you can actually make. Many landlords have a lot of requirements for the condition their apartment is left in when ending a tenancy. And professional end-of-tenancy cleaners know exactly what needs to be done so that the place is in perfect condition and you get your security deposit back.

But how much does end-of-tenancy cleaning cost in 2022? Let’s find out!

End of tenancy cleaning prices

The service of end of tenancy cleaning is one of the main of each cleaning company, as it includes a deep and thorough cleaning of the whole place. You can see that this can actually vary because all flats and apartments are different. Thus, the costs of end-of-tenancy cleaning also vary and prices are set according to a few key factors.

How big is the property

First, there is the size of the property. Of course, different square meters are important for setting a price for the cleaning package, but before that, it’s important to note that different apartments and their bedrooms also change the price significantly. For example, a studio flat can cost you from £90 to £110 for full end-of-tenancy cleaning. The smaller space will also require less time for finishing the job – around two or three hours approximately.


As for a one-bedroom apartment or two-bedroom apartment, the end-of-tenancy prices can be from £120 to £220, depending on the spaces and how big they are. The time needed for full deep cleaning will be from three to five hours, which includes all necessary cleaning tasks from the end-of-tenancy checklist.

Now, going wider, for apartments with more bedrooms or more than one bathroom, and with bigger spaces in square meters, the prices respectively also rise. Still, a good end-of-tenancy cleaning service will not cost you more than £300-£350 with everything included. Be careful with hidden fees and extra services that can make the final cost a bit more expensive than needed. After all, you are doing all of this so that you can have your deposit back and what’s good of that if you spend it all on cleaning services?

Unless of course, we are talking about a big house for example. Houses have many bedrooms, more than one bathroom, and have yards and open spaces that require not only a lot more time to be cleaned but also more effort to be done everything effectively.

Other factors that influence the final price

Another reason why you might have to pay a bit more than usual is the condition of the property. If it really hasn’t been maintained in good form, then the technicians will have to spend more time cleaning and use more tools and methods than in a regular end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Extremely dirty homes, or ones that have many repairings to be done, and haven’t been properly cleaned for the time spent, will inevitably require more effort from the experts. And speaking of repairments, some cleaning companies offer this as additional service to the end-of-tenancy. If you have some small repairs that need to be done – a change of the shower handle, a handle that needs to be placed, or something similar – the technicians can deal with that for you!

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Cleaning by the hour

Other end-of-tenancy cleaning companies rate their services by the hour. This might work in your favour or not, depending on the condition of your place and the size of it. Usually, when professional cleaners work by the hour, they charge around £25-£30. Make sure to get a quote from a cleaning company and get familiar with all conditions. When you explain what you need, how big your place is, and what its condition is, the company will give you an approximate price range for your needs.


Why should you choose end-of-tenancy services?

Costs of end of tenancy cleaning vary and you might think they are a great option for you, or start to worry about the money you have to spend, but in both cases, it will be the best decision you make. Getting your security deposit back from the landlord is not something to be neglected. You deserve that money back and a great way to make sure you’ll get them is the end of tenancy cleaning.

This is a service specially created for such needs. The experts know how important it is for the landlord and tenants that they end their relationship on good terms, so they know every little trick on how to make the place sparkling clean again.


Also, don’t forget that professional cleaners use high-tech equipment and premium detergents, tools, and products to make sure everything is done in the best possible way. No matter how much end-of-tenancy cleaning costs, it will be worth your money for sure!

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