Fighting red wine stains on your carpet may be challenging, especially if your carpet is white and shining. The spoiling may be even worse if you miss the moment of stain appearance and come across it already dried. With time, stains set into the carpet fibre, which makes them even more difficult to remove.

If the case, it would be particularly difficult for you to get rid of the wine stain. If you start rubbing for example, it may get deeper into the fibre, and thus become even worse! So, you better not try it yourself! Remember that you can call a professional carpet cleaning service! The Cleandy’s local professional cleaners are always on your side, ready to help, anywhere in London and the M25.

Leaving this aside, this article will give you some practical tricks on how to manage fresh red wine carpet stains. By following the advice, you will be able to restore your stunning carpet looks by applying simple domestic hacks only.

Step One: Prepare Your Cleaning Products

The good news is – every household usually has these on stock. All you will need is some clean kitchen paper/white cotton towels, baking soda, cold water and salt. It will be handy to take out your carpet stain remover for a final polish too. Lastly, you will need your vacuum cleaner to remove the powder particles when dried.

TIP: If you see the stain happening, you can immediately apply some salt to absorb.

Step Two: Immediate Treatment

It is really important that you act immediately after you notice the stain. Your first job is to blot the wine to the greatest extent possible. Take out your kitchen paper or cloth towel and start blotting gently. Be careful not to rub and widen the stained surface.

TIPS: Keep on folding the cloth so that to use its clean parts only. It is also desirable that you blot from the stain edges to its centre in order to prevent stain expansion.

Step Three: Cold Water Treatment

Gradually add some cool water to the stain and continue blotting. You should be careful not to apply too much water at a time. You have to absorb as much wine as possible. At certain point you will notice that the stain slowly starts fading. Continue until there is no more wine left to remove.

TIPS: Do not apply hot water because you may fix the stain to the fibre.

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Step Four: Soda Paste Treatment

After completing the cold-water blotting, you will need to prepare your soda paste. Mix three to one parts of soda and water respectively until you get a homogenous bowl of soda paste. Apply directly to the stain and leave to dry.

Before proceeding you should make sure that the soda is completely dry to be vacuumed. Take out your vacuum cleaner and complete the procedure. Now your spot should be already clean or at least almost clean.

TIP: Before you apply, test the soda paste on a hidden carpet area to ensure that there are no side effects.

Step Five: The Final Polish

If the stain area is still noticeable, you can finish the treatment with your carpet stain remover. It is important that you follow strictly the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, the application involves similar drying up and vacuuming process.

TIP: Apply stain remover only if needed.
Finally, there should be no trace of red wine left and you can enjoy your restored carpet again. If problematic, do not hesitate to get in touch.

* * *

It is good to know that some wine stains may be really tough and difficult to cope with. They may require specialized cleaning methods provided by the professional cleaning agencies only.

We at Cleandy are specialized in the hot water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning method. Nevertheless, depending on your carpet fibre, we may also offer dry carpet cleaning or foam cleaning. Either way, your carpet will be professionally inspected, consulted and cleaned. For further details about our professional carpet cleaning service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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