Who doesn’t love the fresh smell of clean clothes right after they’ve been washed and dried? It’s one of the best feelings to get to your warm clothes smelling bright and sweet. And when this doesn’t happen it’s as disappointing as you’d guess.

We buy washing machines and dryers and we expect them to run smoothly for many years, taking care of our fresh and clean clothes without a problem. But sometimes you open the door and bad smell comes out and messes up everything. As bad as this is, you should know that this is something that unfortunately happens often and there are solutions for it. A smelly dryer that reminds of mould and must is the worst, we know. That’s why we’ve prepared an essential guide for you so you can get rid of dryer smells and make sure your clothes are great again.

Why does my dryer smell?

There are many reasons why a dryer might start to smell unpleasant. This is due to overuse or leaving clothes for too long inside. Sometimes it leads to mould, rust, scale or other stagnant conditions. Of course, a stinky scent is inevitable and follows naturally. The most important thing for you at this moment is to take care of the smell and then of the dryer machine so that it doesn’t happen again.

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Get rid of the smelling dryer!

1 . Lint trap cleaning
As you know every dryer machine has a lint trap where the lint from clothes assembles. Your first step would be to turn off the dryer and open that trap so that you can properly clean it. Use your hands, vacuum, and whatever else you think will help. If you decide to use water or wet rag to clean it, when you finish leave it aside and let the place dry out completely before continuing because otherwise, it may cause even more mould.

2. Thorough dryer cleaning

Of course, like any other machine, the dryer also needs to be carefully cleaned in and outside. If your dryer was smelling, a thorough clean-up might just do the job! Mix hot water with liquid laundry detergent or dish soap and use rags to clean the inside of the dryer. Of course, after that make sure you use other rags to ensure the lack of soap left behind.

3. A miracle mixture

Nothing so far has worked? Well, here’s a mix of liquids that will get rid of the smelly dryer in no time!
Combine 1 cup of bleach with a gallon of water and you are almost set. Use a bucket or a laver to mix the bleach and water and then dunk some old rags to wipe the inside of the dryer with. Leave it like that for a few minutes (not less than ten) and then wash again to make sure there is no bleach left on the inside. You can also use a towel wet with warm water to run the dryer with, and it will absorb the bleach that was left.

4. Vinegar help

Another useful tip we have for you is the great results that come after using white vinegar. If you are facing a bad-smelling dryer, we have a great solution. Use a spray bottle and fill it with white vinegar. Use it to dampen a few towels and the inside of the dryer. After that run the dryer with the towels inside. Vinegar is a killer of mould smell. Now, your towels may smell like vinegar after the drying program is finished, so wash them to remove the smell. Your dryer, on the other hand, will be smelling great again!

5. All-time favourite baking soda

If you haven’t discovered this yet, baking soda can help you clean almost anything! It’s a great helper with the domestic cleaning. If you want to take care of your smelling dryer, then you will again need some wet towels and this time – baking soda. Sprinkle some of the soda on the towels, let sit and then run a slow drying program to get rid of the smell. If you had some clothes forgotten in the machine and they are also smelling like mould, you can do the same – sprinkle baking soda, let sit, and wash them properly.

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Take care of your dryer

If none of the above worked, or you are facing other domestic cleaning problems, don’t hesitate to contact professional help to take care of your sparkling clean home! 

And if you are wondering how to prevent your dryer from smelling bad again, make sure you never leave any laundry inside after it has been dried, and you always clean the lint trap before you run a program. To prevent the bad smell from coming back is better to take proper care of your dryer. And if not, Cleandy is always here to help! 

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