Velvet sofas look stunning and feel wonderful – a pleasure to sit on and rich and vibrant to look at. They do require careful looking after, however, if you want to preserve their new and fresh clean look.
There are a number of velvet varieties, and what specific kind of velvet you have has an impact on how you should take care of it. To start with, it’s well-known that velvet can be made of a wide variety of different fabrics, including wool, cotton, silk and artificial fabrics or blends.

To be honest, preserving velvet furniture is actually quite simple, and you’d be surprised how actually easy it is to take care of it once you know all specifics. The best way to go about it is to incorporate the tasks tied to its care into your everyday routine. We suggest you add a few chores to your weekly cleaning list, such as:

  • When vacuuming the floor or carpet in your living room, quickly swap the attachment fitting for the upholstery cleaner and get rid of any dirt, crumbs, fluff, and whatever else there might be off your velvet sofa.
  • Think about getting a velvet brush for your sofa. Yes, there is such a thing! And not to say, you’ll find it an amazing addition to your household accessories. First, you must figure out in what way the velvet fibres are woven. Then, brush your couch following that same direction.
  •  While finishing up one of the two tasks mentioned above, you may come across a ridge, unnatural lines, or maybe even old stains that you have missed. This is the moment when you should instantly get out your upholstery steam cleaner. However, if you are uncertain of the fibres that make up your velvet sofa, or you know they are made of natural materials, you may want to think about hiring professional cleaners specialized in upholstery cleaning or domestic cleaning services. They will clean your sofa using a dry cleaning method that will not cause any damage to your beautiful furniture.

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How to properly take care of a velvet sofa (Stain removal tips)

Spilling fluid on a velvet sofa is a nightmare for everyone, as it quickly soaks in and feels impossible to remove. However, by gently soaking up with a cloth, without rubbing or applying much pressure, of course, a lot of the fluid can be removed. Any remaining stains or fluid can be dried with a hairdryer but used from a distance to avoid damaging the fabric with heat. Then just brush the fabric to restore the pile and prevent it from tangling.

Still, keep in mind that any serious spills or those that cause long-term stains may need a professional cleaning expert who knows how to clean velvet properly and maintain it in its best possible condition. These types of serious stains are impossible to remove with any cleaning products. They require special machines and the touch of an expert.
Keeping a velvet sofa looking intact can seem like a frustrating task, but regularly taking care of the condition of the sofa goes a long way. The end result is worth it, as they look lovely and will age gracefully and elegantly over the years to come.

How do you preserve a velvet couch?

Cleaning frequently is the most efficient and successful way to preserve your velvet furniture; some brushing and efficient vacuuming using a vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment can go a very long way to prevent other issues.
Take care of your favourite velvet sofa, and don’t forget to contact us if you need special and professional cleaning services for your home!

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