Choosing carpets for your home is never an easy task. You always have to think about colours, sizes, and of course, material and what they are made of. Many people don’t realize how important it is to choose the right material so that the carpet is not only looking stylish and beautiful, but is also practical!
Polypropylene offers all of that! It’s actually why people prefer it for their homes – polypropylene carpets and rugs are just the deal.

There are many synthetic carpets on the market these days. The variety is great, and it’s more than certain that they are a good-enough competition for the wool carpets. And while they both have advantages and disadvantages, let’s look at why and if you should buy a polypropylene carpet!

What exactly is the polypropylene carpet?
The polypropylene fibres are non-organic, and they make synthetic carpets. As the other fabricated rugs (acrylic, polyester, nylon), the polypropylene carpets are woven into carpets by factory machines. Despite the different ingredients, there is usually no difference between all those types of rugs. However, polypropylene carpets take the biggest share of the international market and guess what, they are also the cheapest synthetic rug material!
Polypropylene rugs are spedcially designed for comfort and resilience, which makes them versatile rugs suitable for any home – both indoors and outdoors of it.

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What’s good about the polypropylene carpet?
Besides the most obvious reason, the low price, polypropylene rugs are a great alternative to wool carpets as they combine softness, comfort, and style.

Another leading advantage of this synthetic carpet is the lack of smell. Their structure is not porous, which means they won’t hold unpleasant smells! Worth keeping that in mind!

To be honest, the other thing we always think about is stains. That’s why even some people prefer not buying carpets in white or bright colours. But the polypropylene rugs are highly resistant to that. You don’t have to be worried that you might spill red wine or drop something dirty. Unlike natural fibres, polypropylene carpets stains are not a problem. This makes them perfect for offices with many people or for families with kids.

We have to add that they are also really beautiful for the price they come with. Polypropylene carpets are made in many shapes, colours, and different patterns. They can be stylish, simple, or with an appealing appearance. Excellent value for the prices they come with!

When compared to the natural fibres, we must say they have leverage on one more thing. The carpets with natural fibres tend to conduct electricity and become static. With polypropylene, there is still a slight chance of static electricity but way less.

Continuing with another advantage, we have to tell you that polypropylene rugs keep their colour density a lot longer. They don’t lose their colouration, and among all synthetic counterparts, they lead the way!

Polypropylene carpets are durable and specially made to handle messes, scratches, or water and dirt. That’s actually why people choose polypropylene rugs for both outdoor and indoor spaces. They are easy to clean, and if you contact a professional carpet cleaning you’ll even find it as good as new!

Still, we need to mention some of the cons that come with buying a polypropylene carpet.
First of all, this type of carpet is not the best choice for kitchen spaces. Although it is sustainable to stains, it does not go well with oil. You won’t be able to easily get rid of that.
Also, these types of rugs have high heat sensitivity, and you should definitely be careful with that!

How to make a choice?

It’s not easy to figure out what rug to choose, but before all, ask yourself – is it money that’s leading the way in your choice or is it quality. You will make the right choice if you follow our guidelines, and soon your home will be the comfy place you want it to be!
Compare feeling, functionality, and comfort, and we are more than sure you will end up with the best carpet!

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