Carpets are a great way to compliment the interior design of a home, making it cosy and eye-satisfying. Many people choose carpets to finish their home decor and style their living rooms and bedrooms with the latest fashion solutions from the carpet industry. However, carpets too get faded colours with time, lose their shining sparkle, and get stains and moisture deep in the fibres without you even realising it.

That’s why it is crucial for a carpet’s condition to be maintained all year round. Especially, if you have kids or pets that often ruin that condition. And while some stains or odours may make you want to replace your carpets with new ones, there are still other moves you can make that will save you some money.

Professional carpet cleaning is always a better choice. With the new modern techniques that experts now use, the carpets can look as good as new after a professional carpet cleaning. Each carpet requires its own method of cleaning, and the professionals know exactly how to treat each surface. That’s why it’s important to trust the established companies in the field and trust that your carpets will be in good hands.

But with that of course, raises the question of what is the cost of professional carpet cleaning, how often it should be done, and how to find the best carpet cleaners in town. We are here today to answer all those questions for you!

Cost of carpet cleaning

Most often the prices of carpet cleaning are set according to the room that needs to be taken care of. Because most often the carpet solutions are as big as the room is, experts have found a way to put a price on the different sizes and types of rooms. For example, a standard single bedroom might have you take from your budget around £20 – £30. The prices for a double bedroom will not be that much different and will only change the price range from £30 to £45. Adding a hallway to the task will result in adding around £15 to the final cost.

As for a lounge with a dining room, the cost of carpet cleaning will be from £60 to £100. Of course, this too can vary because of the room sizes and the condition of the carpet.

Don’t forget that these types of cleaning services come with a minimum charge and some experts work by the hour and not based on rooms and sizes of the carpets. In this case, it might be best for you to think about booking carpet cleaning for the entire flat or house. This way you will save some money and have your whole place sparkling clean!

The prices for an entire flat might be from £100 to £250, again based on how many bedrooms there are. Yet, a house with a terrace and for example, four bedrooms, can go up to the price of £360. See how much the cost of carpet cleaning services differs? That’s because there are different factors that form the final price and you should always first ask about a quote based on your needs.

Other factors that change the cost

Except for how many rooms an apartment has, there are also other reasons why a price might be higher than usual. That also depends on the condition of the carpet and what it is made of. First, if a carpet has severe stains, mould, or stubborn spots of dirt, then it will be harder for the professionals to clean it. They will have to use more tools and different techniques to get rid of those stains and the smell.

Additionally, different types of carpets require different methods of cleaning. Some are great for shampoo cleaning, and others need to be carefully cleaned with the hot steam method. Experts can decide what is best for your rugs once they see them and this may or may not also change the price of the service.

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How often should you hire professional carpet cleaning services?

Although you might want to save some money by hiring professional cleaners often, if you don’t want to replace your carpets every few years, and prefer to prolong the lifespan of those you already have, then we recommend you invest in having professional carpet cleaners at least twice a year.

Perks of having your carpets cleaned professionally

There are many advantages to why you should trust professionals to do the job.

– Expert cleaners use high-tech and premium equipment to treat the carpets. This also includes safe for you and the environment detergents.

– The technicians also know which method is best to be used for your type of carpet and this will save you from damaging the carpet with the wrong products.

– You will save time and effort by doing it yourself, only to see that it will also be cheaper to have professionals twice a year on-site.

– The cost of professional carpet cleaning is not even that high! In the long run it’s even best for you to maintain a good carpet condition so that you can enjoy the rugs for many years, instead of replacing them.

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