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Move Out Cleaning Checklist


The End of Tenancy cleaning can be described as a top-to-bottom cleaning of the entire property, with the only 2 exceptions being the painted walls and the ceilings. The service is with a 7 days guarantee, meaning that if by any chance the client, an agency, landlord or whoever is not happy with the cleaning provided, as long as we are contacted within these 7 days, we’ll be able to offer a re-cleaning session, free of charge. Check our end of tenancy checklist below.

  • Dusting of all light switches and plugs
  • Hoover, mop and polish all floors
  • Remove rubbish and clean all bins inside the property
  • Wipe the radiators if it is possible
  • Properly clean the dishwasher from in and outside if easily accessible
  • Remove the lime scale where it is found – completely or to the best possible level
  • Remove all food leftovers, bags, etc.
  • Remove the mould growth where it is found – completely or to the best possible level
  • All shelves, cupboards and drawers are to be properly cleaned inside and outside
  • All kitchen countertops, tables, near the sink areas will be washed, dried and polished afterwards
  • The kitchen sink and taps will be cleaned and polished
  • All kitchen tiled areas will be disinfected, wiped and de-greased
  • Degrease and properly clean the oven in and outside
  • Clean and degrease the extractor fans, hobs, gas rings, etc.
  • Properly clean and disinfect the microwave from in and outside
  • The fridge/freezer must be defrosted in advance, so we can make sure to clean in to the best possible level, including disposing of food deposits, dirt, grime, etc.
  • A proper clean of the washing machine as well, including the rubber, the door, in and outside
  • All small appliances will be externally cleaned / wiped as well – like a toaster, kettle, etc.
  • All windows will be cleaned internally – including the frames, window sills and ledges
  • All skirting boards, doors, door handles, frames, etc. will be properly wiped
  • The toilet seats and all other utilities will be properly cleaned, brushed and sanitised
  • Extractor fans will be cleaned
  • All floors will be hoovered and mopped
  • All waste and rubbish/bin bags will be removed
  • All mirrors and other bathroom furniture will be wiped and polished
  • Bottles of shampoos, shower gels, old products will be thrown away
  • All doors, fittings will be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Glass doors will be carefully cleaned as well
  • Cobwebs will be removed if any
  • Bath tubs, showers, tiles, sinks, etc. will be properly cleaned and if there is any lime scale or mould – it will be removed as much as possible.
  • All floors, carpeted areas, rugs, mattresses and upholstery will be vacuum cleaned
  • Mop will be done on all hard floors/ laminated areas
  • All shelves, cupboards, units, wardrobes to be cleaned from in and outside
  • Cobwebs to be removed, the whole property will be dusted, including door handles, frames, paintings, other art
  • Curtain rails to be dusted
  • All light switches, sockets, plugs, fittings will be wiped
  • The fireplace and its surroundings will be cleaned up externally
  • All windows will be cleaned internally
  • All cobwebs will be carefully removed – if there are any
  • The back and front doors will be cleaned, wiped and polished
  • Hoover will be properly done
  • If there are any shoe marks, they will be treated to the best possible level
  • A mop of all hallways, stairs, spaces where possible will be done
  • Dusting of all light switches, skirting boards, door handles, lighting fixtures, hangers
  • Any stains will be cleaned to the best possible level if not completely removed
  • The vacuuming of the curtains and window decorations will be done very carefully on a low setting to prevent/avoid any problems
  • When your furniture is being cleaned, our teams will use a minimum amount of water to avoid any marks or damages
  • We will make sure to carefully do the dusting where dust is accumulated the most, using a soft brush where needed
  • We will make sure to pay attention also all small, hard to reach areas with the needed extra care and attention
  • All light furniture that are in the way of cleaning and are possible to be moved, will be moved so we can do the proper cleaning
  • A proper vacuuming will be done and repeated if needed to ensure a higher level of cleanliness
  • If ordered, a professional steam cleaning will be done to treat any stains, stubborn dirt
  • The shelves, cupboards, wardrobes, etc. must be emptied of personal belongings in advance so we can do the best we possibly can when cleaning them
  • We will wipe, dust, scrub any dirt in and outside of the drawers, cabinets, cupboards to the best possible level
  • We will wipe and polish all handles, doors, glass doors, etc.
  • The client should defrost the freezer in advance, before arranging a cleaning service;
  • We will clean all rubber seals, and the fridge/freezer from both in and outside
  • If there Is any remaining, melted ice/water, we will take care of that by absorbing it with a cloth
  • We will clean the dirt that from behind and under it when accessible
  • All shelves, inside cupboard of the fridge/freezer will be washed and cleaned
  • If there are any marks, stains, leftovers, we will clean them to the best possible level
  • We will make sure to check and clean the filer as much as possible
  • Clean the rubber seal to the best level possible
  • Clean the soap dispenser drawer from dirt leftovers
  • Clean the appliance from both in and outside
  • We kindly ask all customers to unplug the toaster and let it cool if it was recently used, before the cleaning session
  • We will dry it carefully after the cleaning to make sure it is safe to be used again
  • We will be very careful while cleaning it also, because we are aware that sometimes it is full of dried breadcrumbs that can cause quite a mess
  • We will make sure that no marks or stains are left on the toaster and we will polish it as well
  • Please note that we do not disassemble any electrical appliances because of safety reasons and in order to avoid damaging them. This is advisable to be done only by a certified electrician / technician
  • We will remove all trays, racks, etc. before the cleaning
  • We will clean the appliance both from in and outside, to the best possible level, making sure to get rid of any grease, burns, marks
  • We will polish and clean all handles, clean the glass parts
  • Clean underneath and behind when possible
  • Please make sure to leave the appliance empty
  • We will clean it both from in and outside, remove any soap building or leftover food
  • We will use a damp cloth with vinegar and water solution, possibly baking soda as well for tougher stains
  • We will dry it with a paper towel to make sure it is ready to be used again
  • Please make sure that the appliance is left empty.
  • We will clean the washing machine in and outside, we will make sure to remove any build up grime, dirt and hair
  • We will use a damp cloth to carefully clean the rubber seals, handles and screen
  • We will also wipe the external side of the appliance, including under and behind if possible
  • We will polish and dry all surfaces afterwards to make sure it is safe and ready to be used again.

Download our complete end of tenancy cleaning checklist template in PDF for free!

Outside of the property:
*Please note that in our End Of Tenancy service only the inside of the property is included to be cleaned!

If you have a clause in your contract, stating that any of the following should be done, it will be a separate service:

  • Cleaning, repairing of any fences, gates, borders
  • The garage or shed
  • Prune, weed and cutting grass
  • Trimming
  • Cleaning of any driveways, patios, paths, gardens, etc.
  • Fixing any external lightning or decorations.

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