Surely, new technologies and innovations greatly facilitated our lives. We would all like it if we had self-cleaning ovens, but unfortunately, technology has not yet developed so. While we wait for that to happen, we need to do all the work ourselves.

It is true that glass or ceramics top stoves are very shiny, impressive, but how can we keep it looking as it’s brand new?

These kinds of tops bring elegance to the kitchen, but no matter how careful we are, if it comes to cooking we can all boil the water too much, releasing burnt or grease and those stains are truly hard to clean! That’s when it all changes. These stains require more effort and it is unpleasant for every housewife.

It is also true that the glass top stove top can be easily scratched, for cleaning it is necessary to use special gentle detergents adapted for this purpose. The delicate surface of the glass top stove top does not tolerate abrasives and wire sponges; it requires more attention and gentle care. The problem is that most products in stores are toxic, some can cause allergies to more sensitive organisms.
We all want as much as possible “bio”, “eco”, etc. harmless detergents to ensure cleanliness in the home without having to tolerate sharp poisonous odours.

That’s why we will now present you with some alternatives to ready-made preparations that are easy to find and make. Of course, you can always count on special developments for glass hobs, they are effective, but if you are irritated by their aroma, or you want to stick to natural cleaners and do not want to endanger your health, you can try the ideas shared below. The results will be excellent! And they will be more financially pleasant for you.

How to protect the glass top stove top?

Prevention is even more important and saves a lot of time and effort after cleaning. There is always a risk of cracking and damaging the glass, so, therefore:

  • Be careful with heavy pans, pots, etc. As easy as it is to slide them on the surface from one area to another, do not do it. Rather than that, lift them. Especially if you use cast iron cookware. We know that they make the food very tasty, but they are also extremely heavy for this more delicate surface.
  • Forget about abrasive cleaners.
  • Clean as soon as something boils or spills on the hob surface.
    The bottom of the container you are using must be dry to prevent white spots.
  • Fallen sugar on a hot glass hob leaves a specific colour on the surface, which is difficult to remove. Therefore, clean immediately.
  • Softness is the word you need to remember when it comes to cleaning a glass top stove top – a soft sponge, a soft cloth.
  • Clean as soon as you prepare the dish.

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How to clean the glass top stove top?

  • First switch off the hob. The surface must be cold so that the detergent does not burn and smell.
  • Apply a special glass cleaner and wait for the needed time to take effect. Clean with a soft sponge, microfiber cloth or kitchen paper. Then wipe with a damp cloth soaked in clean water.
  • If there are burnt, stuck particles somewhere and they are difficult to remove, use a special knife – scraper. It is gentle and specially adapted for glass tops. As a last resort, you can replace it with a razor blade.
  • Use the so-called “Magic sponge” soaked in water, if there are no burnt spots on the surface. It absorbs dirt perfectly and leaves the glass clean.
  • If you prefer safe, natural remedies, use baking soda. It can be applied in several ways:
  • To avoid damaging the surface, prepare a soft paste of soda and water. Apply and leave on for 15 minutes. Wipe.
  • Sprinkle the dirty areas with baking soda and put a towel soaked in warm water and soap on top. After leaving it for 15 or 30 minutes, clean with light circular motions. Repeat if necessary.
  • Mix baking soda and toothpaste on a toothbrush and rub the stains gently.

Here is one more amazing way to clean glass top stove top. Can you guess?

Vinegar, of course! You all know about its powerful cleansing strength. It is more convenient to put it in a spray bottle. Spray and wait 10 minutes then wipe. The surface will just shine.

Another option is to sprinkle the glass top (the whole area or where necessary) with baking soda and spray it with vinegar on top. This will help dissolve the grease and easily remove the dirt.

Lemon juice or a slice of lemon is successfully used to rub the glass hob. It has to be left for a while and then wiped with a clean cloth.

Combine 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar in a spray bottle. Add 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Shake well and spray the surface. Leave on for 15 minutes and wipe.

Finally, always clean with a damp cloth and dry the hob.

By doing all this, you will enjoy the clean and shiny surface of the glass top stove top, and you will be happy to start preparing delicious dishes on a clean hob.
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